Spring 2017 CR80News Contents

  • Editorial: Embracing change, new tech in campus card systems
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Moving card systems to SaaS
    Does the card still fit when retrofitting this age-old service

    • The cloud: Public vs. private
    • The argument for on-premise
  • Contactless lockers proving to be a smart idea for colleges and universities
    Using existing campus cards, institutions offer modern lockers with convenience and security

    • Northeastern University goes big with contactless lockers
  • Advanced card materials add durability and security to the campus ID
  • Self-service campus card kiosks hit Germany
    Evolis automates student ID issuance for six Berlin universities
  • Mobile ordering and delivery expand Arizona dining volume
    App, campus card and declining balance keys to increasing student use
  • Can my smaller campus afford a campus card systems?
  • Planning order times
    What to do when it’s time to restock your card office cabinet
  • Mobile ID verification made easy
    PockeTracker adds agility, efficiency to campus verification

Winter 2016 Contents

  • Editorial: Farewell gunmetal gray boxes
    New tech helps slow-to-change physical access control market find its groove
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Consumer identity’s dirty little secret
    Despite public desire to end data breaches, customer Identity and access management is more marketing than security

    • GDPR 101: Understanding the EU’s new data protection regs
  • Moving to tokenless physical access control
  • Women in Biometrics Awards recognize leaders from government and industry
    FBI, NIST, IBIA and MorpoTrak leaders honored during 2017 program
  • ‘Golden Age’ for iris recognition?
    • Iris emerging on mobile devices
  • Moving towards identity-centric security
  • Advanced card materials make embedded security features possible
    Level 1, level 2 and level 3 security features key to fighting document fraud
  • What states need for secure ID success
  • New NSTIC pilots announced
    $15.5 million awarded for pilots to help states, students and patients
  • Hundreds implant NFC chips to explore privacy issues
  • Norway adding mobile to BankID
    Popular authentication tech adding mobile capabilities

Winter 2016 CR80News Contents

  • Editorial: The ID card’s role in campus change and evolution
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from
  • The future of student ID cards in campus laundry
    Does the card still fit when retrofitting this age-old service

    • Campus laundry: A brief history of dirty laundry
  • Going green, saving green
    Campus cards power reusable container systems in campus dining
  • Future-proofing your campus card operation
    Strategic questions that every campus card director should be asking
  • Biometrics on campus: Convenience, security or both?
  • Card offices benefit from local, on-site service and integration
    • Beyond local service, local consulting
  • George Mason moves to smart ID card system
    Multi-tech door access readers enable phased transition to contactless

Fall 2016 Contents

  • Editorial: Catching Blockchain fever?
    There may be a more realistic cure for digital ID woes
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Blockchain and identity
    Will the vastly-hyped tech solve the digital identity challenge?

    • Identity application for distributed ledgers
    • Bitcoin and Blockchain for dummies
  • The future of credentialing in the U.S. government
    Will smart cards have a role or will newer tech claim the throne?
  • Using advanced card materials with desktop printers
    Adding durabitlity, fraud-resistance to over-the-counter issuance
  • DHS testing mobile, attribute-based identity system for first responders
  • Card printer manufacturer series: Evolis grows rapidly
  • Federated identity: building trust in an untrustworthy world
  • E-Gates ease and secure international travel
    Kiosks read passport, use biometrics to verify identity

    • New spec adds digital visas, stamps to ePassports
  • The ‘411’ on polycarbonate
    Heavy-duty document material ups security of ID documents
  • Adding even more value to video surveillance
    Identity and non-traditional use cases help orgs find funding
  • Identity vetting with the mobile
    Startup verifies driver license forensic features prior to digital credential issuance

Summer 2016 Contents

  • Editorial: Identity at a crossroads
    Old and new schools must converge
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Redefining logical access
    Knowing employees, authenticating users and provisioning access across networks and in the cloud

    • Redefining authentication in the enterprise
    • Feds redefining logical access for contractors
  • Single sign-on delivers both convenience and security
    SSO manages 100s of username and password combos in one secure login process
  • Canada explores trusted online identities
  • ‘Significant update’ on deck for NIST’s digital auth rules
    Revisions to the ‘levels of assurance’ to take place on GitHub
  • Legal identity for all
    Projects aim to protect the globe’s most vulnerable citizens via digital ID
  • Physical access control in new construction
    Starting from scratch opens doors for cloud-based access, wireless locksets and more
  • SIA standardizes architectural symbols for PACS in new construction
    EMV infrastructure could id patients for health care services
    New report outlines scenarios for converging payments and identity
  • Feds scrap Connect.Gov
    GSA to build central identity hub as 18F takes over project
  • Security Industry Association takes on health care security space
  • Axing PVC from high-security documents
    Issuers finding advanced card materials worth the added investment
  • Your user ID and password has been stolen…In the meantime…
    GSA changes FIPS 201 approved products list
  • Focus moves from component testing to system interoperability
    • Will GSA’s new approval process push PIV-I in the enterprise?
    • Pentagon getting rid of Common Access Card?
  • FIDO makes pitch for Government adoption
    U.S. and UK already taking steps toward incorporating the specs
  • Federated identity knocks down silos in clinical drug research
  • Alabama tackling income tax fraud with electronic ids

Summer 2016 CR80News Contents

  • Editorial: Imagining the full potential of card system data mining
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from
  • Data mining the card system
    Transaction data can be used to refine services and identify at-risk students, but privacy concerns abound
  • Fostering the town-and-gown relationship
    Campus card resides at heart of strong campus-community collaboration
  • With special event badges, bigger is often better
    A ‘how-to’ guide for issuing large-format IDs
  • A conversation with NACCU’s new Executive Director
    Dawn Thomas takes the reigns and begins new era
  • Blackboard active on acquisition front
    Both Sequoia and Higher One’s CASHNet join Transact family
  • Rethinking card office service models
    ColorID’s new CHOICE program aims for nationwide on-site support
  • Mutual authentication secures contactless
    Crytptography is vital, still many default to weaker card serial numbers
  • The evolution of ID card printing software

Spring 2016 Contents

  • Bad messaging plagues ID and security industry
  • ID Shorts
  • PACS 2.0 is cloud-based, IT-centric, token-agnostic … but will it be cheaper
    • Integrators, ‘RMR’ and the changing business model for PACS
    • Cybersecurity at the ‘edge’ of cloud-based access control
    • Texas municipality replaces cards with mobile credentials
  • Feds mandate strong authentication for E-prescribing drugs
    Resistance from docs, inconsistent interpretation leading to problems
  • PIV and multi-factor authentication:
    Ensuring security in an increasingly mobile, global and flexible economy
  • Corporations benefit outsourcing employee ID card production
    Issuance as a service: snap a photo, upload data, receive cards via mail
  • DOD web site among first to eradicate passwords
    Research site mandates PKI certs for all external users
  • Are states speeding toward mobile driver licenses?
    Interest is high, but roadblocks include standards, infrastructure, relying party acceptance

    • Florida researches mobile driver licenses
    • State lawmakers consider mobile driver licenses
      Numerous states proposed legislation in 2015, more expected in pending sessions
    • Lessons learned: Ever-changing mobile operating systems pose challenges
  • Educating issuers of all levels to benefits of advanced card materials
    Evangelizing more durable, counterfeit-resistant IDs takes buy-in from everyone in the supply chain
  • The long road to biometric exit in the U.S.
    Advances in biometric technologies finally leading to progress tracking foreign travelers
  • It’s not your enterprise IAM
    Consumer-facing identity systems are vastly different from those used by employees for network access
  • Will biometric payments become reality?
    • Mastercard, Visa look to face recognition and fingerprint
  • Face coming to forefront of biometric modalities
    • Facial rec helps U.S. customs validate identities at JFK
  • Employee benefits firm protects clients with two-factor auth
    • Two-thirds of enterprises going multi-factor
  • White House releases new cybersecurity plan
    New plan pushes toward multi-factor authentication

Spring 2016 CR80News Contents

  • Editorial:The power of presence
    Can attendance yield more engaged students?
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from
  • Automating student attendance tracking with campus cards
    Higher ed awakening to link between attendance, engagement and success
  • End of an era as long-time
    NACCU exec retires
    Mobile devices accepting campus cash catching on
  • East Tennessee State pioneers next-gen campus mailroom
    Automation, mobile app reduces footprint and improves student service
  • Ole Miss increases dorm security, efficiency
    Student ID bridges access control and housing management systems
  • Employing Millennials in card offices and auxiliary services
  • Vending marries open loop and campus card payments
    Maximizing tender options key to upping overall sales
  • Recarding the Bearcats
    45,000 pre-printed contactless cards with transit tie-in issued at University of Cincinnati
  • Five steps to upgrading residence hall physical security

Winter 2015 Contents

  • Securing cyberspace with your wallet
    Driver licenses, passports, bank cards powering new gen of digital ID
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • The DNA for future identity is in your wallet
    As driver licenses, passports and bank cards enable the virtual, is secure identity within reach?
  • The challenge of protecting kids’ online identities
    • Student data mining scrutinized
    • Children’s protection initiatives
  • Evaluating card durability
    Industry standard test procedures help issuers achieve the ultimate ’10-year credential’
  • Dual-interface cards deliver on promise of flexibility
    With both contact and contactless on board, the cards are finding favor with a host of global issuers
  • Contactless 2.0: Latest generation chips are bigger, faster: Biometrics, new apps require more memory and faster data transfer
    • What’s the contactless frequency, Kenneth?
    • Contactless flavors
    • EEPROM vs. Flash memory
  • Five honored in 2015 Women in Biometric Identity Awards
    • Janice Kephart
    • Kimberly A. Mills
    • Celeste Thomasson
    • Cathy Tilton
    • Patricia Wolfhope
  • Resurrected CLEAR expediting entry at airports, stadiums
  • The challenges of airport entry and exit in the U.S.
  • Municipalities launch city-issued resident ID cards
    Credentials enable and control access to local services
  • re:ID National eID Series: Middle East packs a punch despite small issuance
    • UAE eID brings gov and payments
  • Three new pilots join NSTIC ranks: Initiatives focus on health care, state government and the IoT
    • NSTIC pilot: Galois
      Creating secure data storage and access for the IoT
    • NSTIC Pilot: HealthIDx
      Providing federated identity in health care
    • NSTIC Pilot: MorphoTrust
      Stop fraudulent state tax returns
  • Preserving privacy in the IoT
  • Ticketless, cashless Lolla
    NFC wristbands replace tickets and cash at mega music fest

Winter 2015 CR80News Contents

  • Editorial: My kingdom for some guidelines
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Under lock and key
    Three years in, NSTIC lessons emerging
  • Biometrics securing construction sites
    Tech saves money, increases security
  • Campus card acceptance at non-traditional points of sale
    Mobile devices accepting campus cash catching on
  • NACCU launches search for next leader
    Association’s longtime executive director Lowell Adkins to retire in 2016
  • On the flipside
    Card backs provide valuable real estate for students in need
  • DoED publishes regs for campus debit, prepaid
  • Alumni cards open doors for services, engagement
    Card offices increasingly called upon to share issuance expertise
  • Visitor management in the residence hall: Securing a home away from home
    A conversation with CBORD’s Bob Lemley
  • Wearable ID: Is it a fit for your campus?
  • Georgia Southern expands use of iris biometrics
    Rec center added following strong adoption, use at campus dining halls

Fall 2015 Contents

  • A decade of progress
    Passports, PIV, REAL ID, NSTIC are impacting the identity landscape
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Did the Feds create the framework for digital ID?
    Three years in, NSTIC lessons emerging
  • Biometrics securing construction sites
    Tech saves money, increases security
  • The highway to two-factor hell
    Password hell is bad, but the popular fix could be worse
  • A decade after REAL ID
    Driver license security improving, but holdout states risk resident’s ability to fly
  • University of Texas offers master’s in identity management
  • Security industry readies to tackle the Internet of things
  • ‘Cyber sprint’ forces two-factor auth into Fed government
    Massive OPM breach gives OMB the ammo needed to drive PIV use
  • Technology advances improve passport issuance and control
  • re:ID National eID Series: Different Americas
    Adoption dichotomy shows North America behind its southern neighbors
  • The three pillars of a secure ID Card materials, personalization and Issuance models
  • User-managed access enables consumer consent for digital ID
  • Fake company lures hackers to decimate small business

  • AAMVA: Create Cross Sector Digital ID Initiative for Virginia DMV
  • Michigan: Authenticate users for cross-agency state services
  • Pennsylvania: Access state benefits with Keystone ID
  • Internet2: Bring multi-factor authentication to campus
  • Resilient: Build trust network for health care and education
  • Criterion: Implement attribute-exchange network
  • MorphoTrust: Secure citizen access to health services
  • Deploy privacy-enhancing authentication engine
  • UK’s version of NSTIC: Verify brings online ID for citizen access
  • GTRI: Develop Trustmark framework for online ID
  • TSCP: Test trusted credentials for financial services
  • Daon: Authenticate seniors via mobile biometrics
  • Confyrm: Prevent account takeovers by ‘sharing signals’
  • Privo: Secure kids’ identities online

Fall 2015 CR80News Contents

  • Editorial: Making cents of card revalue
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from
  • Re-evaluating revalue
  • Re-carding a campus
    What to consider when mass issuance is in the cards
  • Considerations for mass (RE) issuance of campus IDs
  • Disaster recovery for card programs
    Prep work and communication can minimize damage
  • Will Bitcoin make the grade on campus?
    Georgia Tech adopts the digital currency for reloading campus card funds
  • Smart cards pass the test in Nigeria
    HID commissioned to provide secure issuance, verification solution for students
  • From the Director’s chair: Positioning your card program for success … and funding
  • Catholic high school deploys facial recognition for access control
  • Open-loop payments gain ground on campus
    As more students tote plastic, institutions grapple with convenience versus costs
  • Mobile food ordering extends reach of campus dining services

Summer 2015 Contents

  • Editorial: The identity disconnect
    Breaches galore, pittance invested, creepy tech
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  •  Cybersecurity: Taller walls, deeper moats but the front door is unguarded
    • Password problems plague federal agencies
    • Analysis: Identity is hard
    • Could states crack the digital ID dilemma?
  • Password managers address the cybersecurity problem
    • Security expert: Complexity negates password strength
  • Credential convergence takes hold in key industries
    Health, finance lead charge to unite PACs and LACS
  • Pharmacy benefit manager deploying FIDO framework
    Health org among early adopters of mobile biometric standard
  • Microsoft enabling multiple biometrics with Windows 10
  • Electric grid security standard creates opportunity and confusion
  • Medical identity theft drives biometrics in health care
  • United Nations global biometric system streamlines relief to refugees
  • Biometrics secure next generation of mobile banking apps
  • GAO studies smart cards for Medicare
  • The key to future authentication: Be yourself
  • Advanced card materials enable advanced security features
  • re:ID national eID series: China, India dominate Asian issuance
    • Hong Kong eID tops 7 million cards
  • GSA to reveal physical access procurement changes
  • Bluetooth winning with Vegas hotel access

Summer 2015 CR80News Contents

  • Editorial: Preferred names highlight true value of identification
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from
  • ISG dealer helps U. Wash add transit
  • What’s in a name?
    Campuses consider allowing students to choose preferred names on IDs
  • Getting a lift with the student ID
    Deciphering the challenges of transit on campus cards
  • Bus’n it in Beantown
  • Campuses preparing for EMV acceptance
    Looming liability shift causes race to upgrade payment systems
  • Defining EMV readiness
  • Is library ID keeping up with times?
    Card security questionable as check-out extends to laptops, tablets
  • From the Director’s chair: Campus card procurement must balance security and cost
  • A case for contactless
    Northern Arizona upgrades campus card from prox
  • A case study abroad: Spanish university embraces smart cards
    Cantabria uses contact and contactless tech to power host of ID apps
  • Helping schools prioritize security options
    Industry experts, vendors provide resource for K-12 implementations
  • Clemson secures cards with holograms

Spring 2015 Contents

  • Editorial: Step-up authentication
    High-assurance for the masses?
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • The evolution of biometrics in law enforcement
    AFIS, NGI, multi-modal all leaving their print
  • A history of AFIS
  • Card Tech 101: Advanced materials secure IDs
    Fighting counterfeits, adding durability with composite cards
  • Step-up auth adds assurance to social media credentials
    Program will enable yahoo, google, paypal IDs on gov sites
  • How to: Adding social login to your site
  • Elevated authentication in the enterprise
    How corporations are enabling access to high-security apps
  • Iowa test drives mobile licenses
  • Making physical access easier, more flexible with IP-based tech
  • re:ID national eID series: Europe leads global push to eID
  • S.D. school district deploys enterprise-wide access control
  • Retransfer ups the ante for desktop card printers
    Quick, cheap and high-quality all within reach
  • Virginia first state poised to enact digital identity law
  • OSDP access control spec delivers interoperability
    Next steps include IP-based communication, new profiles

Spring 2015 CR80News Contents

  • Editorial: Securing the identity chain
    Don’t let the campus card be the weakest link
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from
  • Next-gen apps merge campus ID and student life
    A glimpse at the future student mobile app
  • Bringing snail mail up to speed
    Automation, student IDs streamline the campus mailroom
  • We’ll come to you
    The benefits of on-site service for your ID system
  • Campuses brace for EMV deadline
    New payment tech requires changes for cards, points of sale
  • How far is too far for the university ID?
    Voter ID, proof of age, breeder doc
    use raise liability concerns
  • From the director’s chair: Technology extends boundaries for auxiliaries
  • The road to a new transaction system
    Rhode Island School of Design rolls out GET, UGryd
  • Pre-printing gives cards a facelift
    Outsourced printing sharpens image, speeds issuance
  • Retransfer ups the ante for desktop card printers
    Quick, cheap and high-quality all within reach

Winter 2014 Contents

  • Editorial: Identity at cliff’s edge
    Jump or retreat?
  • ID Shorts Highlights from
  • Identity rising
    Handset leaders add biometrics and NFC, dawning a new era in mobile as a credential
  • Chinese Payment leader Alipay launches BYOID with FIDO, Nok Nok
  • Apple Watch as an identity token?
  • Professional lacrosse team deploys BYOD security
  • Mobile’s other challenge: Securing data in a BYOD world
  • A cloud over Redmond: Microsoft focuses on BYOD
  • Mobile changing risk profiles in financial services
  • PIV-I, CIV circling the drain
    Enterprise ID specs fail to catch on
  • End of life for feds’ four levels of assurance
    Kill them? Revise them? Industry ponders options
  • SP 800-63 defines the four levels of assurance
  • InCommon tailors assurance levels for higher ed
  • Sending access control engineers back to school
    GSA mandates new certification for physical security contractors
  • Touchless fingerprints: A new approach to an old modality
  • Campuses deploy multi-factor via higher ed ‘cohortium’
  • MorphoTrust, Confyrm, GSMA win latest NSTIC pilots
  • Airports confront physical access challenges
  • New tools for modern identity
    Adaptive and mobile techniques usher in a more secure future
  • Apartments, residences explore cloud-based physical access control
    Enterprise technologies also securing the home
  • Vanderbilt, Vodafone pilot emerging access control tech
    Take your pick – Bluetooth or NFC for physical security

Fall 2014 Contents

  • Editorial: Forecasting the catastrophic breach
    Will only disaster bring change?
  • ID Shorts News and posts from the web
  • Identity, security and the Internet of Things
    On the Internet nobody knows you’re a toaster
  • Forecasting theInternet of Things
  • Enabling access with the Internet of Things
  • The future of Identity Defining a new converged identity
  • Digital identity in 2019: A vibrant identity ecosystem
    • How we democratized identity, took back control and changed the world
    • What hydrogen-powered flying cars tell us about the future of digital identity in 2019
    • Keys to ensuring a federated future
    • Abandoning identity in favor of attributes
    • Whither cards?
      Secure identities move to smart devices
    • The future of the identity ecosystem is mobile
    • Certificates, trusted identities and the Internet of Things
    • Digital identity is closer than you think
  • Study defines state of ‘Bring Your Own Identity’
  • Bolstering borders
    New technologies create virtual fences
  • Emmental hack exposes holes in two-factor authentication
  • Should prox replace passwords in Health care?
    A step back, rather than a security upgrade
  • Doodling your way to secure access
    Free form gesture biometrics may be new key to authentication
  • Researchers find gesture has high security, ease of use
  • GlobalPlatform: Balance security, usability in standards
  • GlobalPlatform’s core security specs
  • Collision course: Privacy, payments and digital identity
  • Vascular biometrics for the eye
    New ‘eye vein’ modality unlocks mobile, app

Fall 2014 CR80News Contents

  • Editorial: Deal or no deal?
    When acquisitions just makes sense
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Say ‘Cheese’
    Online photo submission eases card office burden
  • Debate continues as feds consider campus banking crackdown
    Politicking ensues as rulemaking process falls short
  • Off-campus merchant programs
    Exploring self-op,vendor-managed options
  • Order up! Tapingo brings mobile food ordering to campus
  • Universities turn to print cost recovery to save money, cut waste
  • Should a tiger change its stripe?
    The role of mag stripes on the modern college campus
  • Blackboard acquires CardSmith
  • Heartland Payment Systems acquires TouchNet for $375 million
    Purchase increases university presence, curbs regulatory worries
  • Campus cards cloned on national TV
    Prox limitations highlighted, wrongfully lumps in contactless
  • Attendance evolved
    Baltimore public schools taking roll
    with contactless IDs
  • Forecasting a place for Bluetooth
    on campus

Summer 2014 Contents

  • Editorial: Fla. lawmakers conjure biometric boogeyman
    State bans ID tech, schools less secure
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Biometrics: Separating fact from (science) fiction The ID technology is under attack by lawmakers that don’t understand how it works
    • Political fallout elsewhere?
    • Shedding light on Florida’s biometric ban
    • Déjà vu all over again: Anti-RFID legislation followed similar pattern
    • IBIA makes case for biometrics in schools
  • Spoofing confusion fuels biometric critics
    Publicized spoofs tend to be overblown and misinterpreted
  • Iris vs. retina biometrics: Yes, they really are different
  • U.S. federal smart card mandate hits decade mark
    Much has been done but still a long way to go
  • Lost Malaysian flight highlights passport system vulnerability
  • Technology choices abound for stronger digital identity
    Password replacement methods take many forms
  • Will Bluetooth kill the NFC chip?
    Some call it a more secure, easier to work with communication protocol
  • Vetting identity online for state benefits
    Health care ushers in secure access for citizen e-services
  • Hardware Security Modules: The gold standard for Encryption Key Security
  • Oak Ridge National Labs deploys combination PIV, CIV smart card ecosystem
    Large deployment includes 260 operating buildings, staff of 9,000
  • OpenID eyes top spot in online identity
    Newly standardized user authentication approach supported by tech giants
  • Two-Factor Authentication key to securing cloud
  • Today’s Contactless cards do more than just open doors
    Real-world deployments reveal range of secure services
  • Macao goes contacless for citizen IDs
    Region replaces contact chip cards to increase speed, durability
  • Could multi-factor have clotted Heartbleed
    Two-factor protects users from Mammoth bug’s sting
  • ‘TEE’ it up for high-assurance transactions
    Trusted Execution Environments offer alternative to secure element
  • Managing logins with ‘CloudEntr’
    Solution brings big business Identity management to the small enterprise

Spring 2014 Contents

  • Editorial: Passwords won’t die
    But at least you’ll like their next incarnation
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Exterminating the password
    Enterprises take aim at the unpopular, hard-to-kill authenticator
  • Recommendations for IAM pros in B2C
  • Password managers address pesky problem
  • The failure of IAM: Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • 25 worst passwords of 2013
  • Host-card emulation enables NFC without a secure element
    New technology to open up nfc market, but may be thorn in telcos’ side
  • Facebook history verifies online daters
    Social logins authenticate user-supplied profiles at dating sites
  • British Columbia issues combined id for driver license, health, online use
  • BC’s Citizen engagement: a model for future programs
  • Eurosmart: 7.2 billion smart cards shipped in 2013, rising in 2014
  • Mobile auth will include biometrics and contextual data
    Keys could be behavioral, passively collected data
  • Liveness detection Forces hand of biometric spoofers
    Still 3D printing, advancing techniques help fraudsters up the ante
  • Advancing spoof materials create new breed of attack
  • Datacard acquires Entrust Roadmap will expand mobile ID, simplify PKI
  • The ins and outs of OTP
    Breaches drive enterprises to these hardware, software tokens
  • New Jersey lawmakers consider new Medicaid IDs
    Credentials could prevent millions in fraud
  • Gemalto protects Amazon Rainforest
  • Retailers create custom wallets with Airtag
  • Infineon beefs up e-passport chips
  • Identity-as-a-Service 101
  • The new threat on the block
  • Identity and Access Management: What’s in store for 2014?
  • Death of the Password?
  • HID buys Lumidigm
    Efforts will pursue new modalities, expand markets
  • Gartner maps the world of user authentication
  • Exploring the ‘Magic Quadrant’
  • Face + voice = access
    Facebanx offers multi-modal biometrics for online auth

Spring 2014 CR80News Contents

  • Who is responsible for financial literacy?
    New regs could hurt students more than help
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Card programs await feds’ next move
    Banking partnerships and financial aid delivery under scrutiny
  • Industry generally supportive
    of the GAO Report
  • Higher One in the cross hairs?
  • Annual CR80News campus card banking survey
    Banking partnerships grow in shadow of uncertainty
  • New player enters campus banking game
    Santander brings international experience to U.S.
  • Fifty buildings one physical access system
    Academy of Art in San Francisco takes campus card city-wide
  • The future of campus card servers
    On-campus, hosted or in the cloud?
  • Card office customer service: No traffic can mean job well done
  • Making a case for wireless access control
  • Residence hall security takes center stage
  • Slashing costs from the card issuance process
  • Mobile everything in 2014!
  • New tech improves campus emergency response

Winter 2013 Contents

  • Editorial: Biometrics going mainstream?
    iPhone 5S brings identity tech to the masses
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Moving identity proofing online
    Alternatives to face-to-face checks can save money, offer user convenience and deliver identity on a global scale
  • Identity & access management policy for the 21st century
    Tips, tricks and rules for creating IAM protocols
  • Smart cards stem the tide of Medicare fraud and abuse
    Why ‘after-the-fact’ fraud fighting is not enough
  • Motorola ‘skips’ the unlocking process with NFC
  • Bionym taps into the heartbeat of biometric market
  • How does aging effect biometrics?
    Initial studies suggest iris may be good for a decade or more
  • Biometrics changing iPhone authentication
  • Breaking down voice biometrics
  • Biometrics lets New Guinea clinic manage services, medical records
  • Digital ID standards
    • SAML 2.0: the Universal ID Solvent
    • OAuth 2.0: Enabling identity for the cloud, mobile
    • XACML: setting enterprise access rules, policies
    • SCIM: provisioning users, killing connectors
  • How to manage identities in an era of regulation
    ID and security solutions enable industries to address unique compliance challenges
  • Evolving IAM: Shifting to Identity Relationship Management
  • New NSTIC pilots raise total to a dozen Pilots address untapped markets, vulnerable demographics
    • NSTIC winner: TSCP
      Federating credentials across enterprises
    • NSTIC winner: Exponent
      Using the SIM and wearable devices for secure online ID
    • NSTIC winner: PRIVO
      Creating a kid-friendly identity ecosystem
    • NSTIC winner: Georgia Tech
      Research institute establishing a trustmark framework
    • NSTIC winner: Troop ID
      Enabling veterans to prove online identity
    • NSTIC winner: Michigan
      Remotely proofing applicants for public assistance
    • NSTIC winner: Pennsylvania
      Tearing down identity silos en route to statewide federation
  • Cultivating an ID program
    Tailoring cards, peripherals and printers for your organization’s needs
  • NIST releases FIPS 201-2
    Derived credentials, beefed-up contactless, post-issuance updates added
  • Usability issues confound NFC and derived credentials
  • Biometric payments take stage at U.K. music festival

Fall 2013 Contents

  • Editorial: User centricity is changing online ID
    New approach shifts focus from issuer to individual
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Calendar
    Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Podcasts
    Mobile biometrics, biometric adoption rates, password weakness
  • Forging a user-centric future Putting the user first in new online identity ecosystem
    • The personal cloud business model
    • Designing a user-centric identity system
    • Putting a dollar value on online identities
  • Postal Service delivering identity ecosystem Cloud credential exchange enables feds to accept multiple online IDs
    • SecureKey awarded FCCX contract
  • Verizon: Come for the telephony, stay for the identity
    Telecom giant aims to bring cloud-based ID to the masses
  • The dollars and ‘sense’ behind federating identity
    Gov study: Outsourcing online IDs can save $100 million +
  • Derived credentials enable high assurance ID on mobile platforms Vast possibilities, few real world deployments
    • New use case: Derived credentials expedite physical access transactions
  • A clear view of OPACITY
    Emerging standard secures contactless smart card communications
  • Printing ID cards in a Mac environment
  • IP-based readers migrate intelligence to the door
    Integrating physical access into the broader corporate enterprise
  • How to choose an Identity & Access Management solution
    Commercial, cloud systems offer best options
  • New hologram tech protects high-value identity documents
  • NSTIC pilots One year and $9 million later …
    • AAMVA
      Leveling up social credentials
    • Criterion Systems
      Creating an attribute exchange network
    • Internet2
      Building privacy and accessibility
    • Daon
      Adding multi-factor authentication
    • Resilient Network
      Testing use cases in health, education
  • The future of mobile biometrics
  • Device cameras enable continuous facial recognition
  • Voice biometric secures financial transactions on mobile phone
  • Japanese hotel IDs guests with facial recognition
  • Global biometric forecast: huge revenues by 2018
  • Europeans favor biometric identification of criminals, unsure on use for daily life
  • ‘Misguided focus’ on false acceptance rates hinders biometric adoption
  • HID awarded new gesture-based access control patents
  • GAO: Biometric exits at airports still a work in progress
  • Different PIN every time
    Software-based, multi-factor alternative to hardware tokens

Fall 2013 CR80News Contents

  • Editorial: Exploring alternatives to plastic cards
    Biometrics, handsets making the grade on campus
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • The evolution of biometrics on campus
    Focus shifting from high security to convenience, speed
  • The mobile app is the new campus card
    Vendors create enhancements that can’t be accomplished with cards alone
  • Smart phones revolutionize campus laundry rooms
    Payments, notifications take the mundane task mobile
  • Card offices automate bookstore voucher processes
  • In-house or service bureau?
    Rebadging an entire campus in a hurry
  • Tulane, Quinnipiac card offices pilot end-to-end NFC ecosystems

Summer 2013 Contents

  • Editorial: Groundhog Dayfor the smart card
    History repeats itself
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Calendar
    Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Podcasts
    ‘Death to NSTIC,’ 2FA goes mainstream, changing landscape for smart card manufacturers, biometric payments on campus
  • Has the time for multi-application smart cards finally come?
    Adding identity, other apps to EMV could hasten multi-app reality
  • Weak credentialsenabling cyber crime
    Compromised passwords lead to breaches
  • ID theft top concern for U.S. consumers
    Strong authentication needed to allay fears
  • Password best practices
    Lessons learned from recent hacks
  • Contact, contactless or flesh?
    Human body replaces ‘wires’ to transmit ID data
  • Mobile app verifies first responders
  • Award-winning PKI projects streamline processes, increase convenience
  • Company tangos with biometric payments
    Startup believes it can succeed where others have failed
  • Improving ID security by taking a page from passports
  • Choosing the right card printer ribbon can save big bucks
  • Fractional identity
    An alternative to NSTIC, federated identity models
  • Provisioning physical access credentials to mobile phones
    Trusted service managers key to enterprise deployment
  • Biometric Fraudsters
    Technology breeds new brand of outlaw
  • Face recognition fails in Boston
    Attempts to ID bombers falls short but technology succeeding in many jurisdictions
  • Virginia launching statewide authentication
    System uses DMV data to verify Medicaid recipients
  • Twitter, LinkedIn breaches lead to two-factor authentication
    High-profile deployments seen as savior by some, knee jerk by others

Spring 2013 Contents

  • Tough decisions and physical access
    Plenty of blame to go around
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Calendar
    Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Podcasts
    FIME tests NFC-enabled devices to make sure they meet industry standards
  • Videos
    The latest news and trends from the 2012 Smart Card Alliance Government Conference
  • The contactless conundrum
    Physical access control system managers face the issue of migrating from prox
  • Before prox, before mag-stripe, there was Wiegand
  • Where is PKI at the door?
    Federal Agencies taking phased approach to deployment
  • Problems plague gov physical access deployments
    GSA: out with individual product approvals, in with ‘system’ approvals
  • Expert panel
    The evolution of credentials and data management
  • Solving the online ID problem
    Myriad of solutions vie to fill internet’s mega gap
  • Expert panel
    Identity in an always-on world
  • Organizations replace usernames and passwords with one-time passcodes
    More than the football-shaped tokens to choose
  • Biometrics helps sugarcane producer pay workers in the field
  • Match-on-card biometrics
    Use grows rapidly for this privacy-protecting technology
  • The marriage of biometrics and contactless: A ‘natural’ match
    Payment, access and identity may soon benefit from union
  • Uproar in the mobile fingerprint market
    Mergers, tech giants and massive opportunity defines space
  • Expert panel
    I AM the future
  • Expert panel
    Protecting you identity investment
  • Voice biometrics cranks up the volume
    Public safety, financial, health find real-world applications
  • NFC, mobile highlighted among 2012 Sesames winners
  • At University of Southern California
    Fingerprint scanners secure student residences
  • Expert panel
    Identity’s Constant Challenge: Addressing Change
  • Washington Nationals go contactless for season tickets
    Other baseball teams on deck

Spring 2013 CR80News Contents

  • Perspective | Ticketing exemplifies best of innovative card apps
  • ID Shorts | News and posts from the web
  • Cover story | Paper or plastic? Student IDs replace paper tickets for campus events
  • Banking survey | Regs, uncertainty bring changes to campus bank partnerships
  • Fraud | Preventing credit card fraud in a campus card program
  • Innovation | Enticing students with loyalty programs
  • Business | Campuses add revenues with passport office
  • Marketing | Social media key to campus card marketing
  • Technology | USC deploys fingerprint scanners to secure student residences

Winter 2012 Contents

  • You can’t fight BYOD
    Give us our devices and access to the secure element
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Calendar
    Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Podcasts
    Details on National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace pilots.
  • Videos
    The latest news and trends from the 2012 Biometric Consortium Conference
  • Feds fund digital ID
    Use cases target children to seniors
  • Anatomy of a password
    Educating users and security managers to withstand modern threats
  • Can passphrases strengthen the embattled password?
    Indiana University says yes, researchers suggest caution
  • BYOD disrupts IT, muddies convergence
    Melding physical and logical access tougher as devices proliferate
  • Turning NFC-enabled BYOD smart phones into secure credentials
    Lessons learned from early converged access pilots
  • Netflix, Good Technology test NFC
    For physical access control
  • Choosing the right card printer for your company
    Navigating the showroom floor
  • E-passport and border control update
    Progress remains slow on E-passport inspection
  • Feds require multifactor authentication for health IT
    Higher levels of assurance a necessity
  • PIV-enabling google apps
    NASA aims for the cloud
  • SecureKey delivers online authentication with existing IDs
  • Army Reserve upgrades physical access control
    Puts PIV to use with an eye toward standard’s revisions
  • NFC-enabling voter registration
    Rock the Vote goes high-tech for 2012 elections

Fall 2012 Contents

  • REAL ID finally arrives
    Possibility of high tech, multi-app IDs intrigues
  • ID Shorts
    News and posts from the web
  • Calendar
    Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Podcasts
    Summaries from recent podcasts: Securing high profile events, ‘iris attack,’ FIPS 201-2
    Highlights from recent research and findings
  • All hail the secure driver license
    States complying as REAL ID arrives
  • Smart card driver licenses on the horizon?
  • 18 benchmarks for REAL ID compliance
  • National driver license database stalled
  • Defining the issuance models
  • Tech 101: What is SAML?
    Spec could be the backbone to interoperable online IDs
  • Kantara accreditation:
    Need for chain of trust grows as ID providers proliferate
  • Researchers target iris templates
  • Gartner highlights NFC in 2012 Hype Cycle
  • Enabling federal IDs on D.C. Transit
    WMATA wants PIV for fare payments
  • Retailers turn to biometrics for time and attendance
    Apps save money by curtailing employee fraud
  • NFC’s secure element war
    Battle continues with consumers at mercy of mobile operators
  • Legal issues surround control of secure element
  • U.S. carriers drag feet on NFC handsets
  • Dynamic duo: Smart card technology and mobile ID
    New report says card or handset, smart card tech plays critical role
  • Bleeding-edge biometrics
    DNA, odor, ear and other modalities on the horizon
  • Can CIV be trusted?
    New ID standard lacks vetting of PIV, PIV-I but expands options for enterprises
  • Campuses pilot NFC for access control
    Villanova, University of San Francisco expanding trials in fall
  • Contactless access to lockers and safes
    Enabling access anywhere, anytime increases ROI for ID systems
  • Is FIPS 201-2 future proof?
    New government ID spec expands mobile use, contactless, biometrics
  • Report:
    Card market tops $17 billion, 30 billion units in 2011
  • Contactless ticketing catching on at festivals

Fall 2012 CR80News Contents

  • Perspective | Campuses need to self regulate
  • ID Shorts | News and posts from the web
  • Cover Story| Under the microscope: Campus card banking
  • Security | Campuses pilot NFC for access control
  • Business | Campus card pricing: How providers charge for services
  • Banking | NC State goes prepaid for student ID
  • Case Studies | Tulane makes a splash with contactless ID
  • Technology | Contactless failure on campus?
  • Technology | Married to the mag: Tech continues to meet campus needs
  • Security | Princeton takes contactless access control to the interior door
  • Research | Benchmarking the campus card office

Summer 2012 Contents

  • Perspective | The identity ecosystem
  • ID Shorts | Highlights from the web
  • Cover Story | What is an identity ecosystem?
  • Issues | Researchers test privacy and mobile ID
  • PACS | Physical access control goes to the cloud
  • Gov ID | Contractors fear PIV-I gutted by current OMB regs
  • Border Control |Biometric border crossing goes multi-modal
  • Issues | Obama wants mobile strategy
  • Mobile ID | Enabling smart cards on Apple devices
  • EMV | First U.S. EMV deadline approaches
  • Transit | Open-loop transit on the rise
  • Airport ID | TSA automates ID and boarding pass authentication
  • Security | Smart card systems targeted by hackers
  • Innovation | Entrust enabling mobile ID technology
  • Digital ID | Identity reassembled
  • Review | Moneto for iPhone 4

Spring 2012 Contents

  • Opinion | NFC, PIV use, online ID see major advancement in 2011
  • Opinion | Waiting for the mobile ID breakthrough
  • Podcast | Payment cards as ID tokens, Defining the mobile wallet, Google Wallet’s vulnerability, Visa explains online EMV
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Cover Story | The great mobile ID experiment: Policy, technology and business case remain hypothetical
  • Mobile | Easy, yet secure, authentication on the mobile
  • Multi-Function ID | DC One Card expands to schools
  • PIV-I | What does DC’s move away from PIV-I mean?
  • Online ID | Canada enables Bank cards for access to online government services
  • Biometrics | Facial recognition’s privacy problem
  • Policy | FTC examines facial recognition
  • Digital Identity | NSTIC to fund $10M for pilots
  • Innovation | Identity award winners announced
  • Technology | EMV can be more than payments
  • Financial ID | Banks mulling strong authentication options
  • EMV | MasterCard, Visa reveal details on EMV and NFC for U.S.
  • NFC | Is Google Wallet secure enough?
  • Cloud ID | ID management for cloud-based apps
  • Mobile | The cloud, the mobile and physical access control
  • Case Study | The Pentagon’s road to PIV compliance
  • Airport ID | Airport credentialing update
  • Expert Panel | Colin Soutar, CSC: What’s in a credential?
  • Expert Panel | Jon Callas, Entrust: Easier, better identity on the horizon
  • Expert Panel | David Worthington, Bell ID: An exercise in mobility
  • Review | Google Authenticator hits and misses

Spring 2012 CR80News Contents

  • Perspective | Campus cards, expectations and the modern student
  • ID shorts | News and posts from
  • Feature | Campus ID systems go to high school
  • K-12 | Philly public schools adding transit to existing contactless IDs
  • Transit | DC schools roll out smart IDs for transit
  • Case study | The evolution of a campus card: Budget demands phased roll out of contactless at Quinnipiac
  • Annual bank survey | Regulations make it tougher for banks on campus
  • International | Standard European campus ID moves forward
  • Update | Campus card ‘evangelist’ strikes out on his own
  • Expert Panels
    • Contactless: Can colleges be first in class?
    • Campus card systems going to the cloud
    • Now is the time for mobile solutions
    • 2012 to take credentials mobile

Winter 2011 Contents

  • Opinion | NFC, PIV use, online ID see major advancement in 2011
  • Podcast | Contracts and liability with credentials, Name wars, identity and Google+, PKI needs layered approach, Global Entry & biometrics at the border
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Cover Story| Making the case for first responder credentials
  • FRAC | Homeland Security wants PIV-I for first responders
  • Issuance | Citi entering identity business
  • PIV-I | What it takes to issue PIV-I credentials
  • Voter ID | Countries adopt biometrics for voter ID
  • Voter ID | Pakistan looks to biometrics to prevent electoral fraud
  • Health ID | The business case for health IDs
  • Contactless | Tech 101: Contactless smart cards
  • NFC | Beyond the NFC hype
  • Innovation | Taking NFC beyond payments
  • NFC | NFC payments at peak of Gartner’s Hype Cycle
  • Physical Security | Upgrading existing physical access control to comply with PIV mandates
  • FIPS 201 | GAO: PIV usage still lacking
  • Biometrics | Fla. schools use palm vein for lunch payments
  • PKI | Using PKI for physical access control
  • Online ID | Defining digital identities
  • Health ID | Congress mulls Medicare smart card
  • Border Control | E-passports spread to half the globe
  • Passport | Report: 90% of passports chip-enabled by 2016
  • Traveler ID | Homeland Security’s Global Entry expanding
  • Opinion | Death knell for plastic cards? Don’t get the shovel quite yet

Fall 2011 Contents

  • Opinion | When identity and payments collide
  • Podcast | Replacing keys with the mobile, Examining Google Wallet, Taking two-factor ID to the next level, Facebook as an identity provider
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Videos | Interviews with leading vendors including Ingersoll Rand, Jolly Technologies, USFI, NagraID Security
  • Cover Story | Biometrics for physical access control: Government drives match-on-card, new commercial uses emerge
  • Standards | MINEX II: Match-on-card gains accuracy, speed
  • Biometrics | Match-on-card for logical access, health care, banking
  • Biometrics | It’s all about the walk: Gait biometrics enable identification and authentication
  • ID | ID Lifecycle 101: Credential management
  • Smart Cards | What happened to the smart card OS battle?
  • Digital ID | Can strong credentials prevent hacks?
  • Government ID | White House demands agencies actually use PIV cards
  • Physical Security | Keying in to NFC
  • Digital ID | RSA breach threatens trust in one-time passcodes
  • Financial ID | Feds recommend status quo for online access
  • Payments | Visa lays out plan for U.S. EMV, NFC
  • EMV | UN Credit Union’s EMV program a success
  • EMV | U.S. EMV issuers
  • Mythbusters | Spoofing biometrics: Research nascent but standards developing
  • ID Fraud | Common approaches to combat spoofing
  • Web Security | Tech 101: Digital certificates secure the Web
  • Payments | Mobile, local, social… Modern market trends drive Google to NFC
  • Innovation | New HID readers, credentials enable identity across platforms
  • Review | Starbucks payment app for mobile handsets

Fall 2011 CR80News Contents

  • Opinion | From Mom & Pops to Fortune 1000s
  • ID Shorts | News and posts from
  • Videos | Campus card clips from
  • Feature | Campus cards in the cloud: Software as a Service gains momentum as model for managing card offices
  • Innovation | Smart phones empower the campus card
  • Service | Mobile devices change education landscape
  • Security | Arizona State students trial NFC-enabled mobile phones for door access
  • Reprographics | Print management, campus card provide windfall for Pennsylvania campus
  • New Products | Campus printing to the cloud
  • Payments | Payment cards complement student IDs in campus laundry facilities
  • Contactless | University of Arizona deploys multi-app, contactless ID
  • Ideas | Tennessee bike check-out uses student ID

Summer 2011 Contents

  • Opinion | Excited about NFC
  • Publishers Note | Our singular goal: Help you improve your ID and security programs
  • Podcast | PIV-I getting more attention, Philly transit goes to smart cards, the ‘shtick’ on NSTIC
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Videos | Interviews with leading vendors including Zebra, Teslin, MorphoTrak, Precise and CSC
  • Cover Story | Will PIV-I be the identity standard of the future? Or is it already?
  • Legal | Virginia law enables electronic notarization via PIV-I
  • Standards | Revisions to bring key changes to FIPS 201
  • FIPS 201 | Top 10 proposed changes to FIPS 201
  • Digital ID | NSTIC trusted identity plan unleashed
  • Case Study | SAFE-BioPharma: An NSTIC model?
  • Health ID | Can smart cards curb $370 billion in fraud?
  • Health ID | Health care providers seek convergence
  • Biometrics | Can Web services revolutionize biometrics?
  • Online Security | Secure browsers pave the way to secure ID?
  • Issuance | ID lifecycle 101: Understanding issuance models
  • Issuance | Exploring the GSA’s centralized PIV-issuance process
  • Mythbusters | Can a mobile phone erase a hotel key card?
  • Mobile | The handset could be the only key you need
  • Contactless | University of Arizona deploys multi-app, contactless ID for students and staff
  • Border Control | TSA again considering trusted traveler program
  • ID Fraud | Protecting card printers and materials by securing the supply chain
  • ID Fraud | Industry, UK law enforcement partner to prevent ID fraud
  • Payments | NFC and EMV: Live together in perfect harmony?
  • Mobile | Google tackles payments unveiling mobile wallet
  • NFC | NFC posters bring ‘X-Men’ to life in London

Spring 2011 Contents

  • Opinion | Where oh where is my mobile ID?
  • Podcast | ID Standards, NSTIC creation, knowledge-based authentication
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Videos | Interviews with leading vendors from events in the identity and security worlds
  • Cover Story | The mobile as a credential
  • Tech | New technologies improve security for mobile devices
  • Mobile | Challenges with the mobile as an ID
  • Opinion | ID for the continuously-connected future
  • Issuance | ID lifecycle 101: Understanding enrollment
  • Border Control | CARIPASS: Multi-national border crossing for the Caribbean
  • NFC | NFC on the cusp in U.S.?
  • Convergence | INTERPOL converges travel and employee IDs
  • Online ID | Schmidt: Private sector must lead ‘national strategy
  • Online ID | Former White House staffer details the birth of NSTIC
  • Airports | Biometrics, PIV-I on the horizon for airports
  • FIPS 201 | PIV use mandated for federal agencies
  • Standards | Revised FIPS 201 spec proposes new biometrics, authentication keys
  • Opinion | Federal ID standards moving beyond government
  • Payments | Contactless pickpocketing: Truth or fiction?
  • Innovation | 2010 SESAMES Winners
  • Biometrics | Facial recognition finally living up to the hype?
  • Biometrics | Test shows maturation in facial recognition
  • Biometrics | What’s behind the biometric template?
  • Online ID | Cyberspace needs biometric match on card with PKI
  • Security | Visitor management crucial to physical security
  • NFC | Contactless payment scheme enables loyalty via Facebook
  • Mobile | Iris biometric secures mobile app

Spring 2011 CR80News Contents

  • Opinion | Better financial education needed for students
  • ID Shorts | News and posts from
  • Videos | Campus card clips from
  • Feature | Waging war over fees: Financial aid disbursement providers do battle for share of campus market
  • Payments | Why all the fuss over a PIN-debit fee?
  • Banking | CR80News annual bank partner survey 2010
  • Off Campus | With off-campus programs, more can be better
  • Regulation | IRS demands new reporting for off-campus merchant programs
  • Security | WiFi locks enable easy to deploy security at Quinnipiac University
  • Security | Card Systems key components of campus security programs
  • Innovation | Visitor management crucial to physical security
  • Case Study | University of Virginia dorms go with wireless, modular locks
  • Opinion | Campus card programs: Dramatic innovation needed

Winter 2010 Contents

  • Opinion | 2010: The year that wasn’t
  • Podcast | Conversations on identity standards, alternative form factors and the Common Access Card
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Videos | Interviews with leading vendors from events in the identity and security worlds
  • Cover Story | ID as a service: Outsourcing identity and credentialing matures
  • Tech | ID management moves beyond logical access
  • National ID | Germany deploys contactless national ID
  • Border Control | E-passport inspections lagging worldwide
  • TWIC | Transportation worker ID moving ahead: Pilots concluding but final access control policies still more than a year out
  • Biometrics | Keystroke dynamics secure computer access
  • Market | Identity industry sees consolidation
  • Health ID | Health care’s security breach
  • Digital ID | Widespread authentication catches on
  • Legislation | Veto of IRON Act impacts ‘national strategy’
  • Military ID | Common Access Card continues to pave the way: Department of Defense explores future form factors, PKI applications
  • Citizen ID | Translating experience from government ID to citizens
  • Legal | Lawsuit threatens federal ID programs
  • Online ID | ‘National strategy’ delayed: Online ID initiative stalled by political and technical challenges
  • NFC | Banks, carriers roll out two new NFC pilots in U.S.
  • Innovation | Enabling payments on legacy hardware
  • Transit | Opening the loop with transit programs
  • Payment | Cubic drives open payments
  • NFC | Apple: A love letter

Fall 2010 Contents

  • Opinion | Secure online identities now
  • Podcast | Conversations on physical access migration, identity standards, and Walmart’s push for EMV
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Cover Story | Top Trends in Biometrics
  • Vein | Hitachi takes vein pattern to the masses
  • IRIS | Sarnoff puts iris recognition on the move
  • IRIS | AOptix gets up close with iris at a distance
  • Mobile | Mobile devices putting biometrics in your pocket
  • Market | E-prescribing rule could be a boon for biometrics
  • Tech | Biometric certification fills knowledge gap
  • Standards | GSA to update FIPS 201 managed service offering
  • Standards | State CIOs explore strong credentials
  • Market | HP builds on EDS acquisition to create ID powerhouse
  • Innovation | PIV-I taxi project gets wheels in DC
  • FIPS 201 | So you want to issue PIV-I cards?
  • Financial ID | Bank of America adds two-factor authentication
  • Physical Security | Survey offers view into future of access control
  • Online ID | Identity ecosystem at core of Obama’s online ID plan
  • Online ID | Putting odds on online ID
  • Online ID | Goals and actions for the ‘National Strategy’
  • Online ID | Liability, legislation around online ID
  • Issuance | ID vetting standards first step to online ID
  • NFC | Cool new NFC apps win forum awards
  • Authentication | Pictures and patterns replace PINs and passwords for authentication
  • Payments | Walmart bringing EMV to the U.S.A.?
  • EMV | First U.S. issuer jumps aboard EMV bandwagon
  • Campus ID | Emerson’s contactless conversion
  • Q&A | HID explains: Trusted Identity Platform
  • Social Networking | Peer-sourced ID vetting coming to Facebook

Fall 2010 CR80News Contents

  • Opinion | ‘A Modest Proposal’ for student financial education
  • ID Shorts | News and posts from
  • Videos | Campus card clips from
  • Feature | Building a campus card: Creating a program from the ground up
  • Regulation | ‘Red Flag Rules’ catch card offices by surprise
  • Payments | New York Attorney General Cuomo fights payment card marketing on campus
  • Business | Financial aid disbursement company goes ‘Higher’ following IPO
  • Innovation | CSU’s mobile app looks to replace student IDs
  • Security | Emerson’s contactless conversion
  • Innovation | Student IDs enable bike sharing programs
  • How-To | Keeping your card printer in tip-top shape
  • Case Study | Duke adds mobile features to card system

Summer 2010 Contents

  • Opinion | Is the end nigh for the card form factor?
  • Podcast | Conversations on securing portable memory as well as the FBI’s next-gen ID program
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Cover Story | Health care’s identity crisis
  • Health Care | How health information exchanges fit in
  • Government | White House wants online authentication standards
  • Digital ID | Technologies that consumers may use for online ID
  • Travel | Registered traveler remains ‘Clear’ after acquisition
  • Innovation | Strong User Authentication in Self-Encrypting Drives
  • Technology | The Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • NFC | Meet your new tour guide
  • Technology | Nokia kills long-awaited 6216 NFC handset
  • Payments | Student run coffee shop tests mobile payments
  • Border Control | Quantifying the e-passport marketplace
  • MRTD | The e-passport revolution: the next generation of travel security
  • Q&A | Deadlines, risks and the future of e-passports
  • Logical Security | Authenticating users and securing access in cloud computing environments
  • Legislation | Democrats: BELIEVE in biometric Social Security cards
  • Biometrics | Analysis: What biometric will be on the card?
  • Transit | London’s Oyster card upgrade underway
  • Transit | Group working on open standards for transit cards
  • Innovation | Combining students IDs and transit passes
  • Issues | Identity management and the law
  • Technology | Placing multiple technologies into one credential
  • Case Study | FedExField goes with high-tech IDs
  • Ticketing | Major League Soccer club deploys contactless ticketing in New York

Spring 2010 Contents

  • Opinion | The rumors of PKI’s death have been greatly exaggerated
  • Opinion | Physical access control readies for its great leap forward
  • Podcast | Conversations on the European eID and Mexican ID programs as well as the U.S.’s health ID initiatives
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Cover Story | Is cryptography the future of physical access control?
  • Government | Predictions for the pending revision to FIPS 201
  • Innovation | Beyond convergence and PKI: Fusion
  • Biometrics | The biometric problem in physical access
  • Physical Security | Next generation PACS
  • Government | ICAM: A roadmap for PIV applications
  • Initiatives | 2010: When ideas become reality?
  • Transit | Miami-Dade proves setting up contactless fare collection system is easy
  • Biometrics | Fingerprint scanners on mobile devices enable apps
  • National ID | Mexico deploying multi-modal biometric ID
  • NFC | Breaking down the business cases for NFC
  • NFC | Risks & Benefits for NFC business case options
  • Innovation | NFCNews at GSMA Mobile World Congress
  • Payments | Colorado town leading the way with contactless payments, rewards
  • Driver Liscenses | 3D photo technology for secure driver licenses
  • Authentication| Problems with some two-factor authentication
  • Mobile | Tokens becoming more popular on mobile devices
  • Innovation | Will your next card include a display, a battery, a button?
  • Trends | Biometrics and payment card security on tap for 2010
  • Innovation | Sesames winners announced
  • Issuance | Applications being added to ID cards demand more from printing software and hardware
  • Applications | NFC enables communication from beyond the grave

Spring 2010 CR80News Contents

  • Opinion | The campus card MONEY issue: Spending it, getting it, keeping it
  • Opinion | More ‘money’ and more regulations become hallmark for campus cards
  • ID Shorts | News and posts from
  • Feature | Campus card issuers getting in on financial aid game
  • Regulation | Title IV shapes delivery of financial aid to campus cards
  • Banking | Consistent growth rates, merging of major players highlight 2009 campus card bank partner survey
  • Case Study | Florida State sets the bar for what campus card bank partnerships can achieve
  • Business | CardSmith unveils FastStart program for community colleges to launch campus cards
  • Off-Campus | Despite economy, off-campus programs growing
  • Technology | University uses behavioral biometrics for online IDs
  • Transit | Combining students IDs and transit passes
  • From the Field | Community colleges to increase campus card adoption in 2010
  • Innovation | Student IDs used to track H1N1 vaccinations

Winter 2009 Contents

  • Opinion | Will the U.S. have a national ID?
  • Podcast | Conversations on end-to-end encryption, online ID and national ID programs
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Cover Story | National ID cards: Changing perspectives?
  • Privacy | Privacy analysis necessary for access control systems
  • Online ID | Feds partner with private sector on ID management
  • Registered Traveler | Registered traveler preparing for take off … again
  • Payments | Different technologies vie to protect payments
  • Contactless | Industry group sees contactless alternative to secure payments
  • Transit | Bay Area’s TransLink sees its 16-year one card goal within reach
  • Innovation | New PIV-compliant, dual-interface card
  • Applications | Indiana blood bank uses biometrics for donor ID
  • Technology Public Key Infrastructure Primer
  • Health Care| Fingerprint biometric sensors secure medication cabinets
  • Standards | Improving contactless security is goal of emerging PLAID project
  • On Campus | Is the future of campus cards contactless?
  • Mobile | BYU students take first crack at replacing ID card with phone
  • Profile | A merger of convergence: SCM, Hirsch and BlueHill
  • Standards | Group working on standards for identity vetting
  • Government | Advisory Committee: “Comprehensive ID management” needed in U.S.
  • Events | CARTES event brings world’s ID community to Paris
  • Initiatives| Education tops list for Smart Card Alliance industry councils
  • Biometrics | Voice biometrics: Using speech for access
  • NFC | NFC and social media applications
  • RFID | RFID enables courts, law firms to track files
  • BIOMETRICS | Test shows iris interoperability

Fall 2009 Contents

  • Opinion | Now is the time for U.S. to issue high-assurance credential to public
  • Podcast | Conversations on the Kantara Initiative, PASS ID Act, Laser Engraving IDs, and Four Bridges Forum
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Industry events from the identity and security worlds
  • Cover Story | Online identification is coming, sooner than you may think
  • Digital Security | Obama’s Plan for securing the Internet
  • Online ID | Four Bridges Forum building bridges to identity
  • FIPS 201 | PIV I enables states, others to issue high-tech credentials
  • First Responders | ‘Spring Ahead’ demonstrates interoperable credentials from federal and state issues
  • Case Study | Federally interoperable credentialing in Illinois
  • Logical Security | Securing Macs with smart cards in a Windows environment
  • Registered Traveler | Does CLEAR’s demise signal the end of Registered Traveler?
  • Driver Licenses | New legislation proposed to change REAL ID to PASS ID
  • EDLs | How do EDLs fit in with new PASS ID bill?
  • REAL ID | Some states on the way to REAL ID compliance
  • Issuance | Laser engraving IDs catching on
  • Technology | Searching for ‘green’ card stock
  • Environment | Card recycling has yet to take off
  • Transit | Riding Seattle’s rails, ferries, buses, ORCA style
  • Opinion| FIPS 201 and India National ID, interoperability anyone?
  • NFC | NFC aims to keep Pakistani children healthy
  • Products | New Nokia phone heralds commercial NFC deployments
  • Loyalty | Loyalty goes high-tech with advanced ID technologies
  • Convergence | The changing market for converged security products
  • Campus ID | Clap your hands for access
  • Biometrics | Biometrics and the Department of Defense
  • Biometrics | Facial recognition in Apple’s iPhoto

Fall 2009 CR80News Contents

  • Opinion | Contactless coming to campus
  • ID Shorts | News and posts from
  • Feature | Is the future of campus cards contactless?
  • Innovation | Pennsylvania campus replaces offline doorlocks with WiFi solution
  • Issuance | Searching for ‘green’ card stock Sustainable options are still a ways off
  • Green | Recycling ID cards
  • Technology | Plastics commonly used in ID cards
  • Economics | Campus card providers offer cost reduction, revenue-generating tips
  • Handhelds | ID tracking software finds new uses
  • Banking | Bringing campus banking to community colleges
  • From the Field | How the Cougars got their cards The tale of Washington State University banking partnership and ID card
  • Management | Shut down your card program? Tips to re-position your card system as an enterprise-level solution
  • Security | Trends in campus security
  • Profile | ITC Systems’ campus micropayment solutions continue to evolve as technology changes
  • Cutting Edge | BYU students take first crack at replacing ID card with mobile phone
  • Marketing | Social networking and your campus card program

Summer 2009 Contents

  • Opinion | When beats collide: Smart cards could see more deployments in health care and payments
  • Podcast | Highlights from the weekly re:ID Podcast series: The U.S. passport security gap; Expanding contactless payment acceptance; Vermont looking at smart cards for health care
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Important industry events from the identity, security, and RF worlds
  • Cover Story | ID and security hackers: Do they help or hurt the industry?
  • Campus ID | Hackers on campus
  • Driver License | Exploring the Enhanced Driver License hack
  • Economy | Budget woes create opportunities for campus ID programs
  • Innovation | The eyes have it: Has the time for iris biometrics come?
  • Payments | EMV takes aim at U.S.
  • STATS | EMV curbs fraud but criminals find other methods
  • Issuance | Problems found in U.S. passport issuance
  • Payments | PCI under fire at Congressional hearing
  • Tech | Stickers: The intermediate step to handset-based mobile payments?
  • Application | NFC tracks trade show attendees
  • Innovation | NFC Guru is bullish on … well, NFC
  • FIPS 201 | Newly approved products for government ID programs
  • Convergence | Contactless logical access gaining momentum
  • Payments | Contactless payments: What’s next?
  • Profile | Testing the limits of new banking technology
  • Health Care | The push for electronic health records raises the bar for identity management
  • Security | Power grid hack may lead to PIV for utilities
  • Biometrics | Mapping out the future of biometrics in the U.S.
  • Issuance | ICMA awards for card manufacturing, innovation
  • Application | Biometrics make payroll check cashing easier and safer
  • International | Standard European ID card moving forward
  • Health Care | Biometrics catching in health care?
  • Campus ID | iPhones invade college campuses, but will they replace the student ID?
  • RFID | RFID in the crime lab: Using technology to track evidence
  • Transit | Managing airline trolleys with RFID to boost revenues
  • Innovation | Expanding touch points for contactless payments

Spring 2009 Contents

  • Opinion | Can airports wait to deploy secure, biometric credentials?
  • Podcast | Highlights from the weekly re:ID Podcast series: What’s next for FIPS 201 credentials?; Passport Card update; Obama and identity; ID standards and testing
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Important industry events from the identity, security, and RF worlds
  • Cover Story | Airport credentials: Grounded or ready for take off?
  • EMV | ‘Acceptable fraud losses’ no longer good business
  • Politics | The first digital President: A plus for ID?
  • Digital ID | Securing cyberspace should be priority for Obama
  • Digital ID | Equifax jumps into online ID business
  • Innovation | 2008 Sesames awards highlight best-in-class ID offerings
  • Payments | Card compromise statistics prove that PCI DSS compliance protects businesses and customers
  • Security | Cryptography Research wins key legal battle and licensees begin to sign
  • Tech | The parts and pieces that create contactless cards
  • FIPS 201 | Newly approved products for government ID programs
  • Transit | Bank-issued contactless payment cards next step for transit agencies
  • Payments | Give us payment cards and loyalty
  • Tech | BMW explores the new ‘key’ to payments
  • Security | TELUS goes with converged IDs
  • Campus | MIT tries to bring NFC to every day life
  • Industry | Economy, standards stand in the way of NFC
  • NFC | A roundup of global NFC pilots and projects
  • Profile | The evolution of HID
  • Campus | University of Alabama distributes student football tickets online with campus card system
  • RFID | A trillion tagged packages? The promise – and reality – of the postal market for RFID
  • RFID | Standards and supply chain applications
  • Event | CTST going to the Big Easy

Spring 2009 CR80News Contents

  • Opinion | Protecting our campus card programs from hackers
  • ID Shorts | News and posts from
  • Investigation | Hackers on campus: Who’s doing it and what is being done to prevent it?
  • Management | Policy and procedure manual a necessity for campus card offices
  • Physical Security | Wireless door locks provide relief at Mount Holyoke College
  • From the Field | Blackboard enables Crimson Tide to distribute student football tickets online
  • Legal | Quiet war being waged on JSA patent
  • Banking | Despite economy campus banking partnerships grow
  • Technology | John Hopkins integrates gunshot detection with video surveillance
  • Expert Panel | Card office will play larger role in university’s bottom line
  • Issues | Lost ID card? It will cost you …

Winter 2008 Contents

  • Opinion | Broken Identity?
  • Remarks | We’ve issued 100 million e-passports, so now let’s try to read ‘em
  • Podcast | Highlights from the weekly re:ID Podcast series: European Education Connectivity Solution, biometrics for donuts, 2008 video coverage
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Important industry events from the identity, security, and RF worlds
  • Cover Story | The next generation electronic passport
  • MRTD | Future of the U.S. passport
  • MRTD | Kiosks enable people to see information on e-passports
  • Issues | Are e-passports vulnerable to forgery?
  • Border Control | International trusted traveler program ramps up
  • Border Control | Change to domestic registered traveler on the horizon
  • Biometrics | How the global supply chain can benefit from biometric technologies
  • Applications | DOD secures document scanning with smart cards
  • Tech | Testing aims to make sure cards can last
  • Profile | Retailer experiments with facial recognition
  • Health Care | Smart cards in health care making small steps
  • Issues | Identity with equality for all
  • Digital ID | Chertoff: Control of identity critical in 21st century
  • FIPS 201 | Most agencies will miss HSPD-12 deadline, but progress has been made
  • FIPS 201 | Newly approved products for government ID programs
  • Tech | NFC is more than just payments
  • NFC | Hotel room keys on your phone with NFC-enabled locks
  • Tech | Size does matter
  • Security | HID takes the next big ‘logical’ step
  • Campus ID | Europe moves toward standard, contactless student ID card
  • Security | Making the switch to contactless
  • Profile | Going INSIDE Contactless
  • Payments | PCI on campus
  • Payments | 12 Steps to PCI Compliance
  • Issuance | Standardizing the issuance of non-standard card sizes
  • RFID | Recent Advances in RFID
  • RFID | Casinos betting on RFID

Fall 2008 Contents

  • Opinion | Same story, different technology
  • Remarks | Trade show attendance in a time of tightening belts
  • Podcast | Highlights from the weekly re:ID Podcast series: passport security, new ID program: ACIS, interview with Maine State Senator about Real ID, NOKIA’s new handset
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Important industry events from the identity, security, and RF worlds
  • Politics | Will a new president scale back existing ID projects or add new ones?
  • Products | Vendors unveil TWIC readers
  • TWIC | Obstacles remain for TWIC
  • Biometrics | HSPD-24 calls for coordinated use of biometrics among federal agencies
  • Government | FIPS 201 for the enterprise
  • FIPS 201 | GSA making progress, DOD audit critical
  • Compliance | The rules on exporting biometrics outside the U.S.
  • Profile | The evolution of Oberthur Technologies from printer to security leader
  • Security | Securing cash transport the Oberthur way
  • REAL ID | More states frustrated over Real ID
  • Issues | Some states feel forced to use RFID for licenses
  • FIPS 201 | Newly approved products for government ID programs
  • Payments | Floundering or Burgeoning? Examining the contactless payments market
  • Payments | Restaurant exec: Obstacles to overcome for contactless
  • Digital ID | Certificate Authority secures online transactions ensuring the seller is legit
  • Transport | Interoperable airport credential won’t be easy
  • Business | Canadian airports replace systems integrator
  • Legal | NXP sues hackers and loses
  • Privacy | Are campus ID programs gambling with student privacy?
  • Issuance | Rewritable printers enable hundreds of the same card
  • Health Care | RFID making in roads in health care
  • Tech | Breaking down the pieces of an RFID system
  • RFID | Gas costs fuel RFID research group
  • RFID | “Pill” monitors temperature in real time

Fall 2008 CR80News Contents

  • Opinion | SSNs, Brett Favre, and a group high-five
  • ID Shorts | Posts from
  • Privacy | Are campus ID programs gambling with student privacy?
  • In Depth | The anatomy of a social security number
  • Physical Security | Hotel locks on steroids?
  • From the Field | Kiosks speed dorm room check in enabling self-service for electronic keys
  • INTL | Poland wants smart card IDs for students
  • Technology | Contactless getting a long look on campus
  • Markets | Community colleges making the move to advanced campus card technology
  • Issuance | Rewritable printers reuse plastic cards
  • Europe | European Campus Card Association conference highlights great progress
  • Banking | Helping international students navigate U.S. banking system
  • Students | University banking partnerships: What’s in it for the students?

Summer 2008 Contents

  • Opinion | Do people hate high-tech ID technology?
  • Remarks | Combating our Big Brother image against an irrational foe
  • Podcast | Highlights from the weekly re:ID Podcast series: data matrix barcodes, interview with MIFARE Hacker Karsten Nohl, Government ID standards, EMV fighting fraud
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sites
  • Calendar | Important industry events from the identity, security, and RF worlds
  • Cover Story | ID industry fights Big Brother image
  • Legislation | The politics around identification
  • Issues | ID applications that scare the public
  • Business | L-1 takes control of state driver license market
  • REAL ID | All states apply for Real ID extension
  • Border Control | Coast Guard takes US VISIT mobile
  • Tech | Watermarks in uncharted water
  • FIPS 201 | HSPD-12 progress being made, but it’s slow going
  • Case Study | HSPD-12 at U.S. Department of Labor
  • Profile | It’s more than just smart cards for Gemalto
  • Payments | Gemalto is bullish on EMV
  • FRAC | Winter Blast tests interoperability, on-scene issuance
  • FIPS 201 | Newly approved products for government ID programs
  • Transit | Octopus extending tentacles outside of Hong Kong
  • Biometrics | Match-on-card close says NIST
  • Tech | Hackers claim to have compromised security of leading MIFARE contactless product
  • Security | CoreStreet invigorates its ‘card-connected’ access control model
  • NFC | NFC goes to college
  • On Campus | Blackboard introduces mass-notification, video surveillance products
  • Issuance | Select printer ribbons based on application
  • RFID | RFID privacy and security

Spring 2008 Contents

  • Opinion | Online Identity: The new elephant in the corner
  • Web 2.0 | My avatar is not who he claims to be
  • Podcast | Highlights from the weekly re:ID Podcast series: Registered Traveler, NFC competition, and more
  • ID Shorts | Key news items from AVISIAN’s online ID technology sties
  • Calendar | Important industry events from the identity, security, and RF worlds
  • Digital ID | Social networking sites have little to no identity verification but this must change
  • Identity | Real ID becoming reality with first deadline Dec. 31, ‘09
  • Border Security | Pass another travel document
  • Awards | SESAMES winners may offer a glance at what’s to come
  • e-ID | e-Government 2.0: Leading the way for digital transformation
  • Education | CTST gets a makeover with help from Smart Card Alliance
  • Business | L-1 Identity Solutions acquires Bioscrypt
  • Government | DHS budget includes funds for biometric and ID projects
  • Biometrics | US VISIT rolling out 10-prints at airports
  • Innovation | Match-on-Card has gained new interest for FIPS 201 and TWIC
  • Technology | Security programs push forward with biometrics?
  • FIPS 201 | Newly approved products for government ID programs
  • Payments | NFC in London: Will consumers use it?
  • History | Giesecke & Devrient: It’s a family affair
  • Business | Security industry veteran Joe Grillo joins XceedID team
  • NFC | Three challenges to unlocking an NFC world
  • MRTD | Second generation ePassports pose unique challenges in 2008
  • Innovation | New Extended Access Control scheme improves ePassport security
  • Software | Outsourcing ID card programs using SaaS
  • Issuance | Loosening of credit card rules opens door for instant issuance of Visa & MasterCards on campus
  • Tech | RF Characteristics: Testing impact of water and metal
  • RFID | Protecting an endangered species with RFID

Spring 2008 CR80News Contents

  • Opinion | Campus cards as payment tools: From Flex to the future
  • Survey | Campus card bank partnerships increase modestly in 2007
  • Banking | Building a successful campus card and bank relationship
  • Software | Outsourcing ID card programs with the SaaS model
  • Off-Campus | Feeding the modern student on- and off-campus
  • From the Field | Flexibility a must for campus card systems
  • Corporate | Heartland acquires campus card pioneer General Meters
  • Convergence | Total security solution must include ID convergence
  • Security | Wireless access control conserves installed ID card systems
  • Issuance | Loosening of credit card rules opens door for instant issuance of Visa & MasterCard on campus
  • Imaging | The key to instant issuance is in the solution, more than in the printer
  • Banking | Preventing ID theft via your campus card program
  • Innovation | Georgia Tech shares the buzz about campus card space

Winter 2007 Contents

  • Opinion | New Year, new publications, new opportunities …
  • Travel | The future of Registered Traveler is up for grabs
  • Payments | SEPA strives to ease electronic payments across European Union
  • Business | SEPA to shrink number of payment processors and resulting revenues
  • Telecom | Tracking the SIM Card: Where in the world is GSM?
  • Security | First responder cards pass another major test during Summer Breeze demonstration
  • State & Local | Tiers of Trust consortium promotes lower cost solution based on FIPS 201 to the first responders
  • FIPS 201 | Approved Products List
  • Identity | Extending FIPS 201 beyond government
  • Digital ID | Can digital identity curb the spam assault on your inbox?
  • Payments | Contactless payment makes biggest debut yet with London Launch
  • Security | Beijing Olympics to showcase world class security with a record-setting price tag
  • Biometrics | Biometric products must pass new test for airport use
  • Privacy | Biometrics and the “mark of the beast”
  • Innovation | Vascular biometrics are more than skin deep
  • Technology | Back to basics: Understanding magnetic stripe cards
  • Issuance | Focus on the printer, the card, and the process to secure your ID issuance
  • RFID | Investigating active and passive tags

Fall 2007 Contents

  • Opinion | One key, many doorways: Convergence has arrived
  • Convergence | Convergence of logical and physical security moves from industry buzzword to corporate mandate
  • Biometrics | New fingerprint reader brings biometrics to consumer desktops
  • Banking | InCard puts the OTP on the card itself
  • Innovation | The QR Code is not your father’s barcode
  • FIPS 201 | Understanding the FIPS 201 approval process
  • FIPS 201 | FIPS 201 products and services from the GSA Approved Products List
  • Contracts | GSA-chosen EDS begins FIPS 201 infrastructure work while competitor BearingPoint scores major agency win
  • Biometrics | The biometric backbone of the FIPS 201 ID card program
  • Events | Make your plans now to attend this year’s CARTES and IDentification event
  • Transit | NYC and Utah pioneer use of bank-issued contactless cards for transit fare collection
  • Convergence| Corporate ID programs require convergence beyond just physical and logical security
  • Convergence | Easing multiapplication smart card issuance for physical and logical security convergence
  • Company | Contactless expertise helps CPI become a leading producer of secure cards
  • Campus | Slippery Rock University breaks ground with its contactless cell phone payment
  • Issuance | Choosing between reverse image and direct to card ID printers
  • Technology | Understanding RFID: The black art of antennas
  • RFID | Bad news at the baggage carousel is good news for RFID

Fall 2007 CR80News Contents

  • Opinion | Cell phones enable emergency notification, payment … but will they replace the ID card?
  • Cell Phones | Student notification systems enhance campus security with mobile phones and card systems
  • Issuance | San Diego State University pioneers webinar-style ID card education
  • Cell Phones| Slippery Rock University breaks ground with its contactless cell phone payment
  • Hardware | Companies roll out lower-cost ID card printers with higher-end functionality
  • Printing | Choosing between reverse image and direct-to-card ID printers
  • Tribute | Industry icon Bruce Lane to depart CBORD after 22 years
  • Tips | Should your campus card program be using the 16-digit ISO numbering scheme?

Summer 2007 Contents

  • Opinion | ‘Compression of time’ in identity
  • Drive Licenses | With driver license reform likely to cost billions, Real ID will require state and federal partnership to deliver on promise
  • Government | Real ID Act’s recommended 2D barcode security isn’t good enough, says smart card industry
  • Banking | Two-factor authentication for remote banking
  • Logical Security | Locking down Citrix
  • Issuance | Innovative card form factors revolutionize look, function
  • Company | New Fargo president lays out company’s direction as part of HID Global
  • Biometrics | Keystroke dynamics: Biometrics at your fingertips
  • FIPS 201 | Hurdles remain for PIV card use
  • Contracts | GSA selects EDS consortium for massive PIV rollout via Shared Service Provider program
  • Innovation | Near field communications is the talk of the ID world but what will it take to turn the talk to action?
  • NFC | European consortium created to foster NFC interoperability
  • Technology | The technical basics of Near Field Communications
  • Projects | A sampling of NFC pilots from around the world
  • Transit | Boston’s new contactless CharlieCard makes commuting easier for a million daily riders
  • Events | Cardtech Securtech showcases great lineup for May 15-17 event
  • Innovation | First cross-campus interoperable card program a success for Boston’s Colleges of Fenway
  • Contactless | Campuses to have iCLASS contactless option for the multi-application program from SmartCentric
  • Campus | Students monitor laundry progress online via new monitoring solutions and their campus card
  • Application | Card system vendors refine off campus offerings
  • RFID | Is RFID in the Operating Room a “Spongeworthy” idea?
  • RFID | The principles of RFID: Hardware Basics
  • Regulation | Antiquated Item Pricing Laws counteract potential RFID savings in many states
  • Innovation | RFID makes every drop count at smart bars and restaurants RFID makes every drop count at smart bars and restaurants

Spring 2007 Contents

  • Opinion | The worldwide federation of identity
  • Banking | As Canada’s payment cards go to EMV, will fraud migration push U.S. banks to join the smart card?
  • FIPS 201 | GSA supports PIV card issuance for 40 agencies, seeks new vendor for managed services
  • Digital ID | Authentication for financial services is a global goal with regional approaches
  • Military ID | Pentagon deploys handheld PIVMAN system to validate FIPS 201 IDs
  • Issuance | Tracking misprints and bad cards can be as important as tracking good ones
  • Access | Modular approach enables Lenel IdentityDefender to meet HSPD-12 needs of large and small organizations
  • Government | States prepare for Real ID in advance of pending driver license mandates
  • TWIC | TWIC cards hit the road in March but readers to check them remain stuck in neutral
  • Application | No change, no problem … with smart card-enabled parking meters
  • Insight | Secure ID submissions from our annual Expert Panel series:
    • Trickle down effect of HSPD-12
    • Keeping up with rapid security pace
    • Internet savvy smart cards
    • Securing financial transactions
  • Regulation | Feds may yank Regulation E’s receipt requirement for small dollar transactions
  • Passports| Machine Readable Travel Documents with biometric enhancement: The ICAO Standard
  • Insight | Contactless submissions from our annual Expert Panel series:
    • ‘Tap and go’ payments on a roll
    • The e-wallet, e-passport, e-pedigree
    • Long range, driver-based vehicle ID
    • Contactless trials bode well
  • Payment | Contactless hits Broadway with Visa payments in leading theatres
  • Case Study | Pricewaterhouse-Cooopers uses LEGIC technology for ID, security, print management
  • Financial | Instant issuance of Visa and MasterCard directly from your card office personalization system
  • Campus ID | Philadelphia’s sixty high schools issue contactless campus ID cards
  • Innovation | Contactless ready to make its mark on campus
  • Biometrics | Biometrics gets its ‘fingers’ into school foodservice and other campus environments
  • Innovation | RFID leaps from the warehouse to the art museum
  • Technology | Is RuBee the next generation of RFID?
  • RFID | The death of the ‘Six Months Rule’ for retail RFID strategy
  • Application | Creating an ePedigree for sports collectibles with RFID

Spring 2007 CR80News Contents

  • Opinion | The card program’s role on campus is in jeopardy
  • Issues | With every U.S. government agency issuing a standardized FIPS 201 ID, will your campus card be next?
  • Wireless | The future of campus cards goes mobile: Handheld computers and PDAs extend on campus, off campus, and system admin functions
  • Application | Two hundred campuses rely on GoPrint to curb wasteful network printing
  • Issuance | Visa and MasterCard on your campus ID: Instant issuance solutions like CardWizard from DSI making it a reality
  • Off-Campus | Can adding off campus payment to the ID card actually grow on campus spending?
  • Identification | Biometrics gets its ‘fingers’into school foodservice and other campus environments
  • Technology | Philadelphia’s sixty high schools issue contactless campus ID cards
  • On-Campus | A brief history of the campus cards industry
  • TIPS | Tracking misprints and bad cards can be as important as tracking good ones

Winter 2006 Contents

  • Opinion | The worldwide federation of identity
  • From the Field | Future proofing the UK’s electronic ID program
  • Military ID | With ten million cards issued to date, Department of Defense Common Access Card gets a FIPS 201 facelift
  • TWIC | IDs on the way, but TSA stops short of giving the nod to contactless readers for TWIC program
  • Issuance | Identifying printers and issuance equipment for FIPS 201
  • Products | PIVMAN provides mobile verification of government IDs
  • Lobby | Secure ID Coalition to lobby for smart cards
  • Alliances | Vendor consortium formed to guide agencies in HSPD-12 compliance and operation
  • Banking | FFIEC FAQs create more questions for banks considering multifactor authentication
  • Events | World leading CARTES exhibition to take Paris by storm in November
  • Pilots | Rental cars go James Bond with contactless cards
  • Travel Documents | ePassport issuance cranks up in U.S.
  • Corporate | NXP forms as Philips sells semiconductor business
  • Transit | Contactless Breeze blows across Atlanta’s transit network
  • NFC | European hotel guests get room keys on mobile phones thanks to NFC
  • Awards | Innovative contactless products honored at HID’s ‘iNNOVATION 2006’ event
  • NFC | NFC timeline progresses rapidly via trials, products, and specs
  • Authentication | Grid-based two-factor authentication comes to campus cards
  • Acquisition | HID finds value in Fargo’s solution-oriented approach to card issuance
  • Entertainment | Gaming Gets Physical with RFID
  • RFID | Acquistion by Motorola and new rugged RFID reader model suggest big things ahead for Symbol
  • Technology 101 | Understanding RFID’s UHF and HF frequencies

Fall 2006 Contents

    • U.S. federal agencies hear the ticking of the clock
    • The October 27 deadline for agencies to begin issuing the new, interoperable identification credentials is rapidly drawing near. Tremendous progress has been made, yet many insiders remain pessimistic … fearing that many agencies simply cannot meet the HSPD-12 established timeline.
    • SSP competition heats up as vendors align to issue certificates for new PIV cards
    • Following a successful Winter Fox FIPS 201 test, DHS plans more exercises
    • Biometric component of PIV cards a technological journey
    • Cryptography within FIPS 201 specification
    • FIPS 201 vendors and products approved for agency use
  • Opinion | Access cards go ‘Swiss Army’ … enlist or be left behind
  • Driver Licenses | For those responsible for driver licensing, Real ID continues to be real frustrating
  • Biometrics | Students in San Diego build biometric vending machine
  • National ID | Led by Belgium, citizen smart cards in Europe forge on
  • Payments | Big three payment card brands remain bullish on contactless
  • NFC | Progress from pilot to full rollout in Germany for NFC
  • NFC | NFC gets lab tested as users trial phone payments, smart posters, and ticketing
  • Opinion | The year of Near Field Communication
  • Ticketing | Contactless ticketing takes hold in English football
  • Security | Electromagnetic sleeves protect contactless IDs, but is the eavesdropping threat real?
  • Issuance | When it comes to issuance, contactless ‘rocks’ prox
  • Campus | Contactless takes Swiss campus to new heights
  • Imaging | ID cards for visitors: Easier and more necessary than ever
  • Biometrics | Gonzaga and North Texas students ‘touch the future’ paying on and off campus with fingerprint biometrics
  • RFID | Libraries abandon the barcode in favor of RFID
  • Logistics | Wal-Mart’s ‘next 300’ proving to be an educated bunch

Fall 2006 CR80News Contents

  • Opinion | After five years of electronic distribution, CR80News welcomes you to its first-ever print edition
  • Issuance | ID cards for visitors: Easier and more necessary than ever
  • Security | When it comes to issuance, contactless ‘rocks’ prox
  • Vendors | One year later … CBORD building value from Diebold acquisition
  • On Campus | Wisconsin Lutheran adds banking to the campus card
  • TIPS | Attracting faculty and staff to your campus card banking service
  • Innovation | SmartCentric and QI team to bring wireless and contactless to campus cards
  • Research | Annual CR80News bank partner survey results
  • Payments | Securely handling credit card transactions earns Blackboard kudos
  • Biometrics | Students in San Diego build biometric vending machine

Summer 2006 Contents

  • Opinion | The many links of the chain of trust
  • HSPD-12 | Mandated government smart cards slowly coming along
  • Products | HSPD-12 takes center stage in event hosted by Lenel and Lockheed Martin
  • Identity | Registered Traveler program goes nationwide
  • Passports | U.S. issues first e-passports to diplomats, citizen issuance to start later in ’06
  • Technology | USB Flash drives get security facelift and offer authentication functionality to boot
  • Biometrics| Securing the Disney Gates
  • Authentication | Two-factor authentication goes mobile on phones, PDAs, laptops, and more
  • National ID | Hong Kong’s smart ID cards secure online banking
  • PKI | Card-based PKI to better secure doctor’s communications
  • Events | First class lineup guarantees CardTech/SecurTech will be time well spent
  • Payments | Axalto’s SmartFob offers contactless payment functionality in a radical new way
  • International | From the Great Wall to city buses in busy urban centers, contactless is finding a home
  • Focus | Thales deploys ID solutions around the globe in China
  • Privacy | MIT helps security industry explore the privacy implications of RFID
  • Future | Famed Media Lab explores a contactless future
  • Transit | Ventura County’s transit card is a true contactless pioneer
  • Industry | Smart Card Alliance members make real progress toward a more secure world
  • Campus ID | Nova Southeastern replaces outdated campus smart card with new smart card system
  • Payment | Emory University enables online campus card deposits via PeopleSoft system
  • Plastics | Corn Cards offer a greener alternative, but is the industry ready for plastic from the farm?
  • Technology | JSA receives web-revalue technology patent
  • Security | Prox begins giving way to contactless as price cuts and multi-technology readers eliminate hurdles
  • Pharma | Viagra and Oxycontin tagged with RFID
  • Tagging | RFID curbs drug counterfeiting, but obstacles still exist
  • Gen 2 | Range, write verification and better speed top criteria for Gen 2 shoppers
  • Progress | Moving beyond ‘slap and ship’
  • Tracking | The Moment of Truth for Airlines on RFID
  • Innovation | The wide world of sports evolves via RFID

Spring 2006 Contents

  • Opinion | The Age of Authentication
  • Authentication | Two-factor authentication hits the banking scene
  • Border Control | New biometric ID to provide a PASS for citizens traveling between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
  • Passports | E-Pasports are coming, but a standard for applications management is needed
  • Multos | Smart card operating system gets new owners and new mission
  • FFIEC | Banks compare cost, quality, and strength of multi-factor authentication schemes
  • Driver Licenses | REAL ID Act faces real challenges
  • Technology | Understanding DPA attacks and the countermeasures available to protect smart cards
  • Company | ActivCard® becomes ActivIdentity™
  • Security | Two groups set goals for more secure Internet transactions
  • EMV | Two-factor benefits from EMV infrastructure
  • Benefits| Texas goes live with a smart card-based benefits card
  • Legislation | Fans and foes of California RFID bill still seek compromise
  • Transit | Houston transit hires ACS as its contactless ticketing vendor
  • Biometrics | Blood vessels in human hand and contactless card combine to create secure biometric IDs
  • Transit | New chip may slash contactless transit ticket prices
  • Passport | E-Passport trial underway at San Francisco airport
  • Payments | Proximity payment defines the future of mobile commerce
  • Honors | SESAMES awards showcased “Best of” global identity
  • EMV | Watch out … EMV is coming in contactless too
  • Campus | QI readers bring USA Today newspapers to card carrying students on 70 campuses
  • Campus | Texas campus capitalizes on the flexibility of One Card system
  • Banking | On-campus bank branches from the bank’s perspective
  • Input | Campus cards: Not just ID cards anymore
  • Issuance | Diverging card printer market benefits entry-level and high-end buyers
  • Strategy | Guiding your transaction system with strategic planning
  • Security | Identity and convergence define a new world of physical security
  • GEN 2 | RFID’s new Gen 2 communicates better, reads quicker
  • Tagging | Boeing takes RFID to 100-degrees below zero
  • Innovation | RFID-equipped wristands improve prison safety
  • In the Field| RFID and handhelds increase amusement ride safety
  • Convergence | Secure ID in concert with RFID …combining technologies to revolutionize transport

Winter 2005 Contents

  • Opinion | Identity: A global challenge with global solutions
  • NFC | Near Field Communications (NFC) makes the move from concept to reality
  • Driver Licenses | India presses on with smart driver license program
  • Barcodes | 2-D barcodes: Broader and better … but should you bother?
  • Payments | New technology curbs expired meters via mobile phones
  • Access Control | AMAG meets West Corporation’s multi-facility security challenge
  • Government | FIPS 201 and HSPD12 take center stage for both companies and industry groups
  • Government | Security Industry Association creates working group to address HSPD12
  • Technology | ZigBee is creating smarter buildings but an ID link may expand its wireless horizons
  • Convergence | The best of both worlds: Contactless convergence with mobile wireless
  • Legislation | California RFID ban shelved … for now
  • Legislation | Other state legislatures consider RFID-related issues
  • Privacy | HID, Indala parent releases pioneering “privacy principles”
  • Technology | Understanding the different memory types in contactless smart cards and RFID tokens
  • Interview | Chase defi nes contactless payments … and contactless payments help redefi ne Chase
  • Payments | HSBC joins contactless fray
  • Transit | German mass transit goes contactless, and trials NFC
  • Companies | OTI gets nod from Frost & Sullivan and Israeli commuters
  • On Campus | Rapid growth in campus ID card systems seen across European continent
  • Issuance | Protect your ID consumables with a SecureVault(TM) or a secure process
  • Banking | 2005 study suggests uptake in campus card banking partnerships
  • Innovation | Bike share program with ID card ties emerges at MIT
  • Applications | RFID keeps brewers on tap
  • New Uses | RFID works to stop water damage and money loss
  • Healthcare | RFID and ‘Indoor Positioning System” help hospitals streamline workflow
  • Tracking | Hooligans take note: RF-ball scores in Peru
  • Traveler’s ID | Privatizing Registered Traveler: Is it a CLEAR Way to Go?


Fall 2005 Contents

  • Opinion | The reader infrastructure dilema?
  • Identity | Digital signatures via SIM cards and mobile phones take off in Finland
  • Biometrics  | ‘Not’ created equal … Contrasting optical and silicon sensors for fingerprint biometrics
  • Biometrics | STMicro-spinoff, UPEK, works to “bring a biometric sensor to every pocket”
  • Devices | Sleek handheld from Labcal reads biometrics, contact and contactless chips, barcodes …
  • Chip Cards | Smart cards help tourists in U.S. select attractions
  • National ID | Status in the U.K., U.S., and Australia
  • Issuance | Integrity of Mexico’s new voter ID cards ensured via automated card inspection sytem
  • Convergence | Identity helps transcend locks and keys
  • Transit | Los Angeles to implement contactless fare collection cards as first step in regional system
  • Payments | JPMorgan Chase gets a jump on the smart card market, one ‘blink’ at a time
  • Technology | Anticollision enables multiple card reads at the same time
  • Technology | Coding data for transmission via radio waves
  • Merchants | PayPilot puts the power of contactless payments into merchant hands, promises lower transaction fees
  • Transit  | Seven vie for contract to extend London’s contactless transit card to merchant community
  • Payments | Major merchants signing on to accept PayPass
  • Vehicle ID | Nedap’s “booster” enables existing prox ID cards to power advanced vehicle access control
  • Payments | American Express makes Blue contactless, launches nationwide in U.S.
  • NFC | Early success of Near Field Communications technology evident in the rapid growth of the NFC Forum
  • On Campus | Japanese student ID provides secure access using contactless smart cards and palm vein biometrics
  • Issuance | Addressing security concerns in centralized and distributed card issuance environments
  • Mergers | The ‘Big Three’ become the ‘Big Two’
  • On Campus | Cards control futuristic entertainment facility at North Carolina campus
  • Mag Stripes | Is Your ID Card Really ISO Compliant? You must encode in a specified way
  • Innovation | Campus card company launches roommate matching solution
  • Legislation | Legal battle against off-campus debit programs causes Alabama campus to suspend card acceptance
  • Animal ID | “Mad Cow” Policy: The National Animal Identification System
  • RFID Technology  | Cape Systems’ Tag Location
  • Interview | Alan Melling, Symbol Technologies, talks RFID
  • Logistics | Produce Grower Taps Manhattan Associates

Summer 2005 Contents

  • Privacy | Editor Chris Corum explores privacy as an issue of process, rather than technology
  • AFIS | Automated Fingerprint ID Systems moves beyond the crime lab to secure credentialing systems
  • Mobile Payments | Simpay brings mobile payments to 70 million users in 20 countries
  • Optical Cards | Providing big storage and big security for government ID programs
  • Homeland Security | Innovative portable access control system to secure Ohio city’s future disaster sites
  • Silicon | ‘Flip chip’ manufacturing reassembles smart card ICs
  • Government ID | ‘NACI’ key to identity vetting for mandatory government PIV cards
  • Big Chips | Sharp offers 1 Megabyte chip with Java Card operating system
  • Opinion | Dennis Bailey, author of The Open Society Paradox, explains why educating the public about the privacy-protecting potential of smart cards and identity solutions is more crucial than ever
  • Card Security | Using visual security elements to deter card counterfeiting and promote authentication
  • Driver Licenses | Considering the Real ID Act and the state of driver license issuance
  • Colorado hospital uses prox, single sign-on, and sonar to secure patient records and meet HIPAA
  • Products | Using prox and contactless for logon, payment, and legacy ID
  • Biometrics | Understanding the basics of this crucial technology
  • Comparing and contrasting RFID tags and contactless smart card technology
  • Legislation | California considers bill to ban contactless technology from state-issued IDs
  • Join the Club | New organization, “WISE,” networks women in security industry
  • Interview | Talking contactless payments and EMV with Visa USA’s Patrick Gautier
  • Payments | MasterCard and Visa agree on a common contactless payment protocol
  • Contactless 101 | Modulation lets radio waves carry data
  • Payments | Dexit and SST (PowerPay) to share applications and cooperate across borders
  • Legic | Supplying core contactless technology to 180 global partners
  • EMV | MasterCard’s OneSMART PayPass combines the convenience of contactless with security of EMV
  • On Campus | Gallaudet University uses proximity cards for dorm access and campuswide payments
  • Imaging | Printing cards with embedded prox, contactless, and contact chips
  • ROI | New print cost recovery and document output management solutions for campuses
  • Credit Cards | Is the ‘thorny’ issue of credit cards and campus ID programs resurfacing?
  • ID Numbering | Should your ID program use the 16-digit ISO numbering scheme?
  • RFID Controversy | InCom Corp speaks out about the controversy surrounding one elementary school’s use of its wearable RFID tags
  • I.D. Systems, Symbol and the TSA launch airport cargo tracking
  • Logistics | DHL Fashion builds RFID-based logistics system for garment tracking in supply chain
  • Near Field Communication | RFID and NFC-enabled SD Cards create new opportunities for mobile phone and PDA applications
  • Military | Supporting the “Warfighter” with RFID
  • EPC | Intermec Talks About RFID’s “Gen2”

Spring 2005 Contents

  • U.S. delays bid decision and launch of new contactless and biometric passports
  • Transportation ID (TWIC) continues its progress
  • An introduction to security certifications: FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria
  • U.S. government smart card efforts get boost from President, NIST, and ISO
  • Annual SESAMES awards presented to the “best in ID technology”
  • Fargo protects your IDs by protecting issuance processes
  • Federal government report shows strong progress in agency smart card projects
  • Privacy and security: “Two sides of the same coin”
  • Registered Traveler program expedites airport screening via biometrics, smart cards
  • Microsoft employee ID to be smart card running .NET
  • A new license fee for every smart card may be required to protect from DPA attacks
  • MasterCard’s PayPass(TM) plans national rollout
  • A (Contactless) Day in the Life
  • Londoners zip through public transit with contactless Oyster card
  • Contactless payments accepted at three NFL football stadiums
  • Contactless cards and readers pass transit-sponsored interoperability tests
  • Thanks to contactless ticketing, Oslo commuters keep moving
  • ‘Killer combination’ not ‘killer application’ to define contactless in 2005
  • Contactless 101:   Frequency and modulation guide RF technologies
  • New programmer enables Nebraska to program contactless cards onsite
  • Arizona State University chooses contactless for campuswide functionality
  • Access control without the wires? Security goes ‘Wyreless’
  • Off-campus with Blackboard’s BbOne offering: Clemson and others make the leap
  • Off-campus the Minnesota way
  • All debit cards are not created equal: Understanding online and offline debit
  • ‘Bolt-on’ biometrics for the college and university campus
  • Administrators and students benefit delivering financial aid via card
  • A Virginia campus outsources its card program
  • Handheld card readers enable campus to track bus ridership
  • Penn State to issue Greek IDs; Duke and Elon IDs used at Duke basketball arena
  • RFID tagging and the wine industry supply chain
  • Delta Airlines tags baggage with RFID
  • Companies conspire to ‘cage’ RFID pet standards
  • Gaming Company Takes RFID to the Casino
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